Packaging tapes are among the most commonly used packaging products used in residents and industries. The application of tapes are versatile ranging from gift box packaging and envelope packaging to industrial goods safe handling, you can find these adhesive tapes almost everywhere. A variety of packaging tapes are available no doubt we often end up buying the tapes which are not intended for the purpose. Suppose you have to ship a heavy good, you have to provide extra safety to the box unknowingly you have purchased the wrong tape for the purpose. Would it be feasible to pack and hold the same heavy good using that tape? No. So while buying tape, you should categorize the tasks for which you are going to use the same.


The carrier and the adhesive layer of the tape can be made of different materials like polypropylene, PVC or Kraft paper. Polypropylene and Kraft paper tapes are among the most used ones because of their less environmental damaging impacts. Adhesives have evolved a lot in recent years. In the past solvent based adhesive were used but now the modern adhesives have replaced them. Being aware of the adhesives is quite important to pick the most efficient adhesive.

The applications of packaging tapes are many. For self adhesive tapes you need a dispenser to perform the task perfectly. Pressure should be applied firmly while using tape for packaging purpose as it will decrease the chances of failure. Another great factor which affects the performance of the packaging tape is the surface on which it is being applied. Always apply tape on the clean, oil free and flat surface for best results. If the surface is uneven, apply extra tape to provide extra safety.

Apart from packaging, you can use custom printed tapes for giving a message like Fragile or Rejected. It helps in categorizing the goods accordingly.

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