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Plastic bags are among the most common packaging products used worldwide. These bags are popular among the end users because of their durability and re-usability. Plastic bag as an essential packaging material can be found everywhere from small residents to big supermarkets. Well here in this post we are going to share some tips to increase the re-usability of these packaging essentials. Plastic Carrier Bags

It is a well known fact that people are quite aware of the disadvantages of the plastic bags but if the sellers can provide them with the bags which can be used again and again, provision for taking back the worn out bags and replacing them with the new ones, than the customers can definitely go for the use of plastic bags.

Plastic Carrier Bags

The above goals can be fulfilled by using the polythene with long life for manufacturing the plastic bags which will ensure that these bags can be used again and again without any issues.

Plastic Carrier Bags

People also like to have icons of the brands they are using imprinted on the plastic bags. However using logos have two pitfalls. One of the pitfalls is that people still prefer to get the new plastic bags for their purchase as the old ones get worn out. But if the plastic bags are manufactured with the polythene which can last longer than the regular ones, than this issue can be easily solved. The other thing is that with regular usage the logos on the plastic bags get fainted. If the logos can be printed with the brighter colours then this issue can be solved. In return your customer will continue using the plastic bags provided by you as a result of which the marketing of your brand will increase. Also making plastic bags attractive can help you encouraging your customers to reuse the plastic bags provided by you again and again.

One of the other ways of making your plastic bags attractive is by manufacturing them in different colours. Coloured plastic bags can attract more customers than the transparent ones. I do accept that manufacturing the coloured plastic bags can increase the production cost however by charging a price marginally above the transparent ones will make sure that you are still in profit. Add to this the option that these can be recycled and there you are most of the customers will go for its use.

There is one more option of encouraging the reuse of the plastic bags. And that’s by taking back the used ones after a fixed interval of time and providing the customers with the new ones.

Thus using these simple ways you are not only increasing the re-usability of the plastic bags but at the same time you are also making profit by increasing your brand awareness among your potential customers. And not to forget the fact that these policies will also ensure that you are helping in reducing the pollution caused by the use of plastic bags.