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We all are aware of the different applications of safety knives. From small residents to large workplaces this hand tool is used almost everywhere. Safety knives also known as safety cutters reduce the risk of injury which is generally caused by long, sharp head conventional knives. Due to the advancements which are being made rapidly in packaging industry, these hand tools are available in different designs. Although safety knives or better say safety cutters are easily available in market at very low prices, but I often see folks using blades for cutting paper, package and many other things. The blades they use can prove harmful as these blades are not the appropriate hand tool.


Safety knives are among the vital tools used at workplace, well the reasons are obvious. Firstly they are the perfect choice for so many applications, secondly they are easy to use and carry.

Retail and FMCG are among the industries where these tools are being used from generations. Packaging industry is growing day by day. The tools which were used in past are now nowhere to be found but safety knives are among the popular hand tools even today.


Although safety cutters are designed keeping in mind all the safety measures but we should always be careful while working with these hand held tools.

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