The products which are delivered to wholesale store for the purpose of selling them in the market after the manufacturing process should be packed rightly in order to ensure their proper safety. We all know that packaging plays an important role in keeping the goods safe and secure. To pack the boxes safely, strapping machine is among the most popular packaging machineries.

Good strapping of the products ensures that the goods will be delivered safely to the retailer and the end user.  Plastic strapping is used in a number of conditions where the bundling of goods is required. The use of plastic packaging has increased in the recent years due to the advantages it provides like load stabilization, cost effective solutions and high performance. Strapping materials are considered to be the best ones for reducing the overall risk while transporting the products at lower prices. This type of straps are perfect for heavy loads and can be used with both automatic and semi automatic machinery.


Strapping machines are used to strap the boxes to provide enough safety to the products inside. The ideas behind is to reduce the risk of any wear and tear while transporting them to remote locations. There are basically two types of strapping machines we offer. The first one is automated and the other one is semi automated. An automatic strapping machine is used in variety of industrial applications. There area  number of inbuilt features you get with an automatic strapping machine like adjusting the tape tension, leg height etc.

The semi automated one is the ideal solution when you want something more than a hand tool Apart from strapping machinery, there are number of strapping tools easily available at Globe Packaging. These heavy duty pallet and parcel strapping tools can be used with both steel strapping and polypropylene strapping. For small scaled packaging operations you can opt for the hand strapping tools. These tools are reliable, light weight and economical.Explore our full range of strapping tools and machinery and buy the best packaging materials at affordable prices.