Often we need card board boxes for packaging our stuff. However due to lack of proper idea we end up buying the wrong ones and face a real hard time to pack our stuff. So today we are going to brief you about cardboard boxes and their usage

Cardboard Boxes

These are multipurpose boxes which can be used for any packaging purposes. These are supplied as, collapsed, bundled, taping flaps and bottom forms.


These are heavier than the single wall boxes. These are sturdy boxes and are double walled. Just because of their build up they are very strong. Ideal for the packing of product for carrier dispatch. They are more substantial to accommodate bulky or heavier goods.

Wardrobe Boxes

These are tall boxes which makes the packaging and moving of clothes very easy. It can also be used as a multipurpose packaging box as with the help of a rail placed at the top of the wardrobe box it can be transformed into a portable garment carrier.


These boxes are made up of high quality corrugated cardboard and they offer a very tough, lightweight protection for different kinds of products. These include multimedia products and books. These boxes are assembled by folding the book wraps around the contents in order to provide cushion and prevent them from any shock while moving them from one place to another.