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Cardboard boxes are essential to protect goods and products. The great thing about using these is that they are easily accessible and affordable. You can find cardboard boxes everywhere such as in supermarkets, in industries, in small shops and at home. Cardboard packaging is excellent for packing shoes, clothes, small accessories, books and so on. You can also put heavy materials in cardboard boxes and can move it from one place to another easily. You can use heavy duty tapes and glue for extra protection and security of your stuff in the box. Always keep in mind that these boxes are made of cardboards not metal, don’t over-pack them with heavy items.

Advantages of Cardboard Packaging Boxes

•    Can be cut, folded, glued, stapled and taped
•    With cardboards you can make a box of any size and shape

Light weight
•    Cardboard boxes are light weight and are easy to handle and transport as well.

•    Ensures complete safety of the good and prevent packaged item from banging around
•    Protect packaged items from vibration, shock and jerks

•    You can find cardboard boxes almost in any region
•    Available in various designs and shapes such as single wall, double wall etc.

•    Cheap and offers easy way to pack and move goods
•    Costs less compared to plastic packaging