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Boxes that are used to store various items are called storage boxes, used to store cheap things to expensive items like jewellery. Now a day’s people refer to store their favorite or essential accessories in boxes rather than at home. These boxes are used to store articles like glasses, show pieces, crockery, furniture and office files. The box may or may not have cushions to protect the contents from jerks when the box is shaken. Also in most of cases it doesn’t have hinges or locks.

In order to store the goods and accessories, cardboard boxes are used, especially in industries. These boxes are made of material like hard paper, cardboard or paperboard. Various industries, manufacturers and organizations use these boxes as these are less expensive and recyclable while the boxes coated with wax or metallic layers are difficult to recycle.

In packaging supplies, the content is packaged for transportation, distribution or sale. Packaging involves the production of content, transporting, distribution and then use. Packaging is completely integrated in many countries for industrial, business and personal use.