Most of us receive a gift with such joy. It doesn’t matter what the size of the gift is or who has given it. The only thing that matters is that someone has taken the trouble to give us something. And what do we do once we receive it: we tear off the wrapping, the packaging and are concerned only about what is inside. But think about this, wouldn’t the person have taken quite a bit of trouble in wrapping it up and wouldn’t it take just a moment to appreciate that fact.

Well, most of us behave in this manner. We don’t really care about the outer packaging, but tear into it to enjoy what’s inside. Outer packaging is something very important. It helps keep the things inside safe, keeps up the surprise and generally protects it from the harshness outside.

Now consider the same train of thought to just about everything else, and we suddenly realise how important packaging is to anything. Therefore be it food bags that store food and prevent them from getting spoilt or furniture covers that prevent dust and air corrupting the wood, outer packaging is very important.

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