EU Glass Packaging Industry [Infographic]

Glass can be refilled, reused and recycled easily. For the environment conscious people, glass packaging is the right choice. Over 70% of glass bottles are collected annually for recycling. Glass bottles are 100% recyclable with no loss of quality and raw material can be used multiple times after recycling.

This infographic, created by Globe Packaging, revolves around interesting facts and statistics about EU glass packaging industry.

EU Glass Packaging Industry Economy

The Recycling Story- How Paperboard Gets a New Life?


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Recycling is one of the most recognizable ways to go green. While most people understand the benefits of recycling but still they are not aware of the complete recycling process.

This presentation, brought to you by Globe Packaging, gives you an idea about the recycling process of paperboard.

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Quality Packaging Material Supplier is Just a Click Away


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Packaging and distribution are among the most vital parts of business processes. Nowadays most of the companies are trying to employ the best packaging materials and services in order to win the hearts of customers and to keep their goods safe from any physical damage while transporting from one place to another. Packaging itself plays a crucial role and apart from the safety of products, packaging has emerged as a tool to market your business. Packaging material come in a variety of shapes and sizes, buyers should always choose the packaging products which suit their needs the best. Some of the most important packaging materials are paperboard, cardboard and plastic.


1. Paperboard: It is the most popular packaging material. Paperboards are made from paper and they are very hard to tear apart. The level of thickness varies according to your packaging needs. For storing and moving bulky products, it is always good to use more durable and stronger paperboard. These paperboards are folded with the help of machines to form boxes. Paperboards are widely used to hold industrial equipments, food supplies, home appliances etc.

2. Plastic: The use of plastic packaging products can be easily noticed in the modern world. From supermarkets and industries to small stores and food packaging, plastic packaging is used everywhere. No doubt a plastic bag is a perfect candidate to go with, while shopping.

Packaging materials which are being chosen should be durable and strong so that they can hold the heavy items. Safe and secure transportation of products is really necessary to keep the things intact. This is why more and more advancements are being made in packaging industry.

There was a time when packaging products were only confined to large stores but now you can order them from anywhere, you just need to access internet and in a matter of seconds you can choose the products according to your needs.

Quality packaging improves product performance and decreases the risk of damage. Globe Packaging is your most trusted store when it comes to industrial standard packaging and supplies.

Top Quality Plastic Carrier Bags In A Range Of Sizes And Colors



Plastic carrier bags have become necessary in our day to day life. They are widely used to store and carry goods safely. These bags are safe, convenient, and cheap and can be reused in many different ways. As we all know that plastic packaging helps reducing the food wastage by protecting it from germs and bacteria, plastic carrier bags play their role by providing a medium to safely transport the same goods from one place to another. The efficiency and durability of a plastic bag greatly depends on its chemical composition. They are used to store and carry vegetables, bottles, books and many more items we use almost daily.

Plastic Carrier Bags

Plastic bags are available in different sizes and colors; even you can go for custom printed plastic bags. As a marketing tool, with these bags you can showcase your brand.

Although it is a fact that apart from all the advantages every product comes with certain disadvantages as well. We all are aware about the environmental effects from plastic. To combat this issue you can make “reuse” an integral part of your plastic bags life cycle. Or if you are planning to dispose them then make sure that these bags are disposed properly.

Plastic carrier bags can be found everywhere as they are the cheap packaging alternatives. You don’t have to spend much on buying these bags. These bags are the perfect option when the goods which are being carried or transported are lightweight.

These multipurpose bags can be easily ordered online and you get the option of free shipping as well on the orders over £ 50.

Carry a huge number of items and protect them from outside damage by using plastic bags, order them today from Globe Packaging.

Globe Packaging offers a wide range of packaging materials and products which are used almost daily for packing our essentials.

The History Of Plastic by Globe Packaging


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Plastic today is among the most used packaging materials but do you know how it came into existence? How the first plastic bag was created?

Dive into this info-graphic and get to know about the amazing history of plastic.

The History of Plastic by Globe Packaging

Keep In Mind These Points While Choosing A Packaging Supplier


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Choosing a right packaging supplier can be a challenging task. A right packaging supplier is a business which offers all the packaging materials at the affordable prices under one roof. There are number of things which should be considered while selecting a supplier of packaging materials for your small business.

Packaging is not only important for the safety of your goods while transporting but also it plays a crucial role in promoting a brand. Nowadays Brands are using custom packaging to make their products stand out of the crowd.

Well let’s discuss over several points which you should always follow while choosing a supplier:

1. The supplier should not a be a middle man if you are going to place a big order

cut out the middlemanOften if it is seen that small vendors act as a primary supplier and at the end they fail to fulfill the needs of businesses that placed the order. Avoid these kinds of situations by contacting the packaging supplier which stocks all the packaging materials under one roof.


2. Check for the offers

offersA legitimate supplier will most likely offer several deals on its products. There you will get the packaging products at the best prices.


3. Delivery

delivery1Go through the page where all the delivery and return information is clearly listed. If the business you are dealing with is legitimate, then you will easily find the details.

4. Responsive Sales Team

sales teamPeople often end up buying the cheap packaging supplies and after that they find it impossible to contact with the sales team. Right packaging supplier will always be ready to assist you and fulfill all your packaging needs.

All the above listed things should be kept in mind while choosing a packaging supplier.

Globe Packaging is a UK based packaging supplier which offers all kinds of packaging materials at competitive prices. Do visit our online store!

Organize your garments using wardrobe garment boxes



Wardrobe garment boxes are among the important packaging essentials used not only at the time of moving but also helps at the time when you want to organize your household accessories and garments. Packing your accessories can be a tedious task but this task can be completed in a fraction of time by using proper packaging materials. Proper packaging of your possessions is really necessary while transporting them to different location. We often overlook the importance of these wardrobe garment boxes and end up buying ordinary boxes but have you ever found these ordinary boxes eligible for the task? I guess you answered no. Ordinary boxes don’t contain enough rods and the space provided for arranging clothes is like a mug into the ocean. They are not durable and during transportation these ‘not so good” boxes don’t actually fulfill the task for which they are bought.


To have a stress free moving it is always advisable to use wardrobe garment box. These boxes come with proper hooks and rods which ensure that your clothes will remain safe. Rods are useful in hanging clothes and arranging them properly. Also if you have designer clothes which are very expensive then using ordinary box is not a good idea at all.

Large Removals Kit

While moving home packing your clothes in a suitable manner results stress free move. Wardrobes boxes fulfill this purpose because they come with added functionalities which are hard to find with an ordinary box. Make a list of all your accessories and clothes before moving them to place the delicate clothes in the safest corner. A proper arrangement is the key to space management.

So now you have acquired all the knowledge about these packaging supplies. Order wardrobe garment boxes from Globe Packaging before your next move; make your moving a stress free activity.

Build Brand Identity with Quality Packaging



Packaging is not only confined to the protection of goods or safe transportation. Packaging affects other business aspects as well. Packaging designs directly help you in building the identity of your brand. Custom packaging is not a new concept; it has been in practice for quite a long time and has been refined a lot over the years. Customized packaging is a critical component in increasing the awareness of the brand. Whether it’s an automobile product or pieces of chocolates, packaging opens the gate of that opportunity which actually offers a fair chance to influence the mindset of the customers. Without thinking much you can easily prepare a list of day to day accessories which are being sold in large quantities because of their smart packaging.

No doubt beautiful packaging is the way of selling nowadays but apart from selling, packaging helps in building trust and pass sensible messages on behalf of your business in market.

Let us briefly talk about the purpose of packaging which directly or indirectly influence the image of the brand:

  1. Building Relationships

Quality packaging helps in building positive relationship between brand and the end users. A positive user experience promotes loyalty.In this entire process packaging supplies play a very crucial role as only an experienced packaging material supplier can understand the real needs of your business.

2. Increasing Brand Awareness

It’s a fact that packaging says a lot about your brand. Quality printing, unique materials used for packaging and moreover the logo of your brand acts as an identity of your business.

3. Protection

This is the prime purpose of every packaging. Protection of goods from wear and tear and from physical damages, safe transportation and centralization of total weight are some of the features offered by quality packaging.

We often find us confused while selecting packaging supplier for our business. At this point I would suggest you to choose a packaging material provider which can fulfill all your needs. Choose a supplier which can provide all the packaging products under one roof.